How to add a checking account How to add a checking account

1. From the Wallet and Add Payment Method, select Checking PayTM


2. You will be directed to a third-party site to enter your personal information and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Step 1.0

Select Checking Pay from Add Payment methods Select Checking Pay from Add Payment methods

Step 2.0

Go to third party site Go to third party site

Step 2.1

Link checking pay Link checking pay

3. Select Your Bank and enter your login credentials and follow the prompts to securely link your checking account to your User Account on the Chevron or Texaco app.

  • Note: Your financial institution may require multi-factor authentication.


4. You will receive confirmation that the connection was successfully linked. You can now use Checking Pay as a payment method.

Step 3.0

Select  your bank Select  your bank

Step 3.1

Enter Credentials Enter Credentials

Step 3.2

Select account Select account

Step 3.3

Link now Link now

Step 4.0

checking page successfully added checking page successfully added

Important Information

•   You also have the option to enter your account information (checking and routing numbers) manually.

•   A small deposit and withdrawal will post to your checking account to verify your information.

•   Once your account has been linked during the set-up process, transactions will process without the need for further verification.

•   If you have any issues with creating the account connection, contact or (888) 823-2483.